Our Favorite Brands to Work With

Here at Heartbeat, we work with all types of brands. From beauty brands to tech companies to everything in between, we're always working to connect our ambassadors with the brands and products they love. But which brands are our favorites? Well, that's easy! 

Our favorite brands are the ones that recognize the power and value of our ambassadors. The ones who understand that people make decisions based on their friends' and family's opinions, not just based on celebrities and what's hot. To Heartbeat, the best brands are the ones that embrace authenticity and acknowledge that not every person is perfect, despite what their Instagram feed might suggest. 

Sure, we love bloggers, and we love working with all types of experts and influencers. But it's time marketers realized once and for all that "influencers" aren't the only people who have influence. It's time marketers appreciated real women. 

If you know a brand out there that embodies this ideal, connect us with them! We love helping provide our ambassadors with cool new products and opportunities, so shoot us an email! Email kate@getheartbeat.co with any brand recommendations or idea.