Productivity Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Hi Heartbeat! Kate here- Heartbeat Co-founder and COO! 



Major Key.

Running a company full time and living a normal human life don't always go hand in hand. Over time (and maybe a little more error than trial) I've picked up some hacks to make the most of your workday! You don't have to run a company to benefit from increased productivity either. Give it a try and let me know your results on Instagram @k8eddie

  1. Find a release - you'll be more productive if you do something that gets out your energy/frustrations every day - yoga, dance, etc. I do a crossword puzzle every day and it calms my brain and makes me more productive throughout the day.
  2. Book time on your own calendar to complete tasks - I book time for things that aren't meetings, like "work on xyz" - that way no one interrupts you.
    1. P.S. you can even book yourself for a little self care time, or set a reminder to drink water- whatever works!
  3. If you need to squeeze in networking, but enjoy your evenings at home-  try to do one coffee meeting before 7:30am each week - a lot of people don't think they have time for networking, but I squeeze it in before work a lot. Or to really double up- I'll do a workout class with people to network with to combine workouts and work.

Thanks for checking out part 2 of our January series, New year, Better me, check back next Friday for a new post from Moira on the key to connections everywhere you go!